Bym (bihm)
Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 ft.
Species' Colors~ Browns and greys.
Temperment~ Like any other herd animal - dumb and panicky.
Species' Description~ Byms are easily described. They have a smooth, long skull, flat deer-like teeth, and internal ears. Their eyesight is the best sense they have, with smell and hearing both rather poor. They have long, sinuous necks and long, graceful tails. They have no torsos, simply a seat of balance which is their hips. Yep, only two legs. At all. These two legs are rather dinosaur-ish, and appear to be hind legs. They have two-toed paws which have dull claws. These creatures are usually hunted by beginner or less successful species, as to kill one is considered somewhat an easy job.

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