Name - Brakken
Size - four feet at the shoulder, up to six at the top of their spines
Type - warm-blooded reptile
Coloration - greens, browns, greys mottled together; black spines; translucent irises
Temperament - highly aggressive; pack hunters; strict social structure
Description - Built vaguely like a hyena, Brakken are covered in smooth scales with patches of fur in random places. They have a thick ursine head with enlarged teeth, almond-shaped eyes, and excellent senses all-round. Their paws are broad and almost feline with huge, unretractable claws. They have a short, thin, wispily-haired tail much like a hyena, and a row of sharp, slightly curved spines runs from between shoulders to rump. Brakken aren't very fast runners, but their strength and endurance is incredible.

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