Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 3-4.5 ft, females smaller than males by a good bit

Species' Colors~ White, cream, grey/silver, dark grey, black.

Temperment~ Rather unknown.

Species' Description~ Graceful creatures, Blanes are omnivores. Their heads… err… hard to describe. They have cupped ears, eyes that are inverted (white pupil, black everything-else), and horse-style nostrils. Their profile, I suppose, looks like an elongated oval, with their jaws being smoothly curving. They have feline teeth. Their necks are long and sinuous, and they are, naturally, quadrupeds. Their legs are muscular but still give the appearance of being slim, and they have paws with small, sharp claws which are retractable. Their tails are long, sinuous, and not prehensile. They have short, smooth, very soft fur of one solid shade, which easily shows off their toned muscles. They're not very fast, able to run at most 50 mph, but also fairly good at climbing and moving in the trees, though they prefer sparse forests to live in. They're really quite beautiful…

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