Binaf (plural- Binaves)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana and Talritai

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-6 ft

Species' Colors~ Dark browns, dark greys, or black. Usually streaked with light grey, blonde, reddish-gold, or even rarely white.

Temperment~ A pacifist, Binaves nonetheless have fighting rages, but it takes a good deal to throw them into it. Most of their small population lives on Talritai, but those on Lavana try their best to keep being a pacifist. Their minds are incredibly powerful and telepathy, as well as telekinesis, is common.

Species' Description~ These thickly-furred cretts are, of course, quadrupeds, but can rear up to function as bipeds easily. Their fur is dark, streaked with a lighter colour, and their heavy, lion-like mane fades from dark (at the roots) to light at the tips. They have bear-like front paws with long claws, these claws can actually bend and flex a little on their own. Their powerful, muscular hind legs have long-toed paws with heavy, curving claws. Their head is thick Athian style (big raptorish) and they have short, black 'feelers' over their eyes. They have 'wing-bones' protruding from each shoulder - these bones bend like wings, are about four feet long, and are black and bladed, serrated, and can fold easily to lay across their flank. They have a long, balancing, heavy tail. They're extremely strong and fast, and are excellent warriors, when they must be.

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