Biartoa (BYE-er-TOE-ah)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 6-8 ft.

Species' Colors~ Earth tones, with odd streaking markings.

Temperment~ Unknown.

Species' Description~ Large quadrupeds, Biartoas are well-toned, heavily-furred plains-dwellers. Their powerful limbs, sculpted torso, and elongated wolfish tail seem perfectly suited for long and rapid running. Their necks are shortish and muscular, and their head is short-muzzled. Their eyes are incredibly odd-shaped, impossible to describe without a picture, but it'll suffice to say that their pupil is long and slanted, and the 'whites' of their eyes are black. Their nostrils are narrow and their ears internal, like a bird's. Their muzzle is beaked, but only for a few inches, then it returns to the usual jaw-and-teeth combination. Omnivores, Biartoas use their beaks for nipping off plants, and the teeth for ripping up flesh.

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