Species: Bhrithum

Pronunciation— BRITH-uhm —the R is a french r, and th is said as in 'then', not 'thin'

Singular— Bhrithum
Plural— Bhrithum


Height at Shoulder— 4 to 8 ft.
Length (without tail)— 9 to 18 ft.
Length (with tail)— 9 to 28 ft.
Wingspan— 10 to 40 ft.
Weight— 300 to 1,350 lbs.


Colours— Their fur is always earth tones, usually without markings, but can have stripes, rosettes, etc. Their feathers, however, can be flourescent or earth-toned, and any markings or colour patterns can occur on the plumage. Their eyes are either gold or silver, gold being males and silver being females. Seeing as there is no other size difference or scent difference, eye colour is often the best way to tell the difference between genders.

Temperment— Highly individualized. Tend to be tight-knit socially and fierce in defense of their own, moody and judgemental as well. Beyond that, it depends on the individual.

Physical Shape— They're distantly related to a beast they call Gryphons, though we don't know what such a creature is. They have strong feline hindquarters and powerful bird-like chest and wings. Their forelegs and tails vary - on some it is feline, on others, avian. Their wings can be broad and expansive, or long and narrow - those with narrow wings are spectacular aerobats, and tend to be less brightly-coloured than those with broad wings. Their heads and necks, also, vary - feathered and bird-like, or furred and feline. They do not claim to be separated into two races, despite these obvious and profound physical differences, and it seems to me that the bird-headed ones are more prominent. They can run very well, and fly just as well, though getting the bigger Bhrithums in the air can be hard. They tend to stay in tight-knit social units, relying heavily on their fellows. Since coming to the Valley, they have adopted both Semymas and Reykahrs into those social units, and it has worked very nicely. Unlike the other three species, which refer to the planet as Juma (meaning 'home'), Bhrithum call it Aehr, spurring the rumour that they aren't originally from this planet.

Aging— They live to around 100 years, becoming decrepit only around 95. Once past this age, they stop flying, don't move around much, and generally bask in the sun for the next five years, until it is time to say goodbye to friends and family, and leave the world of the living.

Breeding / Family— Bhrithum pair off early in life, staying fast friends until mutually deciding to become mates. Young ones are hatched from eggs, and are called chicks. There may be up to four chicks per clutch, but Bhrithum only breed once or twice a lifetime. Chicks are grown in a year.

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