Species: Aye(s)

Name - Aye(s) [pronounced 'EY(Z)']

Size - The second-largest land animal on Lavana, female Ayes can be from 50-65 feet at the shoulder, while males range from 60-70 feet.

Physical Description - Ayes are very large, but they're basically just Athians. Long-legged, muscular, and toned, Ayes have broad, unretractably clawed paws, deep chests, narrow waists, and a surprisingly flexible spine. They have an almost horse-like neck, arched and muscular, with a long, heavy muzzle and a squared skull. They've almond-shaped eyes with excellent eyesight, wide nostrils for a good sense of smell, and internal (think bird-like) ears for decent hearing. Ayes also have a long, muscular tail ending in a slightly curving tailblade, very sharp. Fast, enduring, and strong, Ayes are typical Athians in everything but size, including their short, lightly colored fur. The only noteworthy thing about them, other than sheer bulk, is their vocal chords - they have the loudest and most ear-shattering roar of any Lavanian.

Coloration - Usually soft browns or greys, sometimes a more yellowish hue. Blades, claws, and eyes vary.

Temperament - They're intelligent and curious, but not to the extent of some species. Mostly, they just enjoy life, hunting, and their families, as they tend to keep to themselves on the plains. Ayes, however, tend towards bravery and acts of heroism if the situation calls for it.

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