Invented By~ Ranuquei

Height at the Shoulder~ Quadruped form: 45 to 65 ft high - Biped form: 70 to 90 ft high. Big, ain't they?

Species' Colors~ Calm earth tones. Some Athias have markings such as stripes or ringlets or spots, usually in a lighter color.

Temperament~ Calm. Very very calm. They don't get emotional about anything, and if they do, they sure don't show it. They can control things with their mind with ease, and mind-separate ~like releasing their soul from their body to drift around~ comfortably. They have very strong morals, and if they have an opinion, you won't be able to change it. Although not violent, they don't hesitate to fight if necessary. They aren't mean or cruel, but they aren't perky and happy either. One of the oldest species on Lavana, they've been through a lot and seen more.

Species' Description~ Well, they're not normal creatures. They're very very large, for one. They have extremely shaggy fur, although it doesn't seem that long to them since they're so big. Their heads are T-rex/raptor shaped almost, but furry and smooth and sleek. Their eyes are large and nearly round. They don't have ears, really, nor whiskers. They have some massive, curving, very sharp teeth. They're pure carnivores and can't stand plants or fruits. Their jaws and necks are designed to rip and tear flesh and flesh only. Their necks are somewhat long, though muscular, as is all their body. They can Shift from a quadruped to a biped, though all that really changes aside from them rearing up is their forearms shorten, their hindleg bones realign slightly, and their tail becomes heavier to balance out the weight shift. But anyways. Their forearms are flexible and muscular, with talons/hands tipped with sharp, large claws which aren't retractable. Their hindlegs are like liquid steel muscles and curved and almost look like they're crouching, since their hindlegs are longer than their fore. Their tails may or may not have a long, scythe-like tail blade on the end. It's set on the tip of the tail, which is mainly bone. Very wicked. Their backs, in quad form, are slightly arched, and they move very lightly, surprising for a creature that can weight over four tons. O, and in biped form, they don't stand like humans! More like a T-rex stands, with back leveled and all, and talons dangling from those long arms. They live very very long, over a 1000 yrs usually. They're almost impossible to kill, as well. They're very agile. Ah yes, and they come from Lavana.

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