Ashein (ah-SHEEN)
Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 2 ft.
Species' Colors~ Grey.
Temperment~ These intelligent, yet nonsentient carnivores are dangerous when provoked, and prove unpredictable when they are in numbers, facing down a loner of any other species.
Species' Description~ Small quadrupedal Athians. They have short, smooth fur which is resistant to stains and moisture. They have huge eyes, the iris nearly invisible with the pupil taking up over half of the visible eyeball. Their slender jaws house nasty, sharp teeth. Reasonably long-necked and slim-bodied, these pack hunters can be very dangerous, even to a good fighter. Their paws are a cross between canine and feline, with long claws. Their limbs are typical Athian, as is their tail. Very agile and quick, Asheins are to be avoided when possible.

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