Species: Alineo

Name - Alineo(s) [pronounced 'ah-LEE-nyo(z)']

Size - 5-6.5 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Stocky ungulates, Alineos almost resemble a donkey with a very mule-like head, ears, and neck. Their bodies are also donkey-ish but very muscular and rather short-legged, though they can run up to 40 mph. However, strength is their best asset; they can haul many times their own weight. Alineos have a somewhat sloped back and a small, ropy, tufted tail. Their most distinguishing feature are two extremely long horns that arc backwards from their skull; these horns have very little curve over their lengths and the sharp tips end about a foot over their rump. Nila, when riding, use these horns as hand-holds, as Alineos don't have manes nor do they like saddles. An Alineo can also control who rides him by tilting his head forward to raise his horns… or not. Alineos are very hard to mount if they don't let you on. However, the length of the slender horns also means that an Alineo cannot turn its head when a rider is on its back.

Coloration - Pretty dull tones - greys, tans, often some mix of the two. Their horns are usually off-white, hooves dark grey or dark brown, and eyes some deep color.

Temperament - Very placid and calm. They're sentient but not very smart at all; they're content to serve as steeds to Nila in exchange for a fairly easy life of being fed and guarded from predators.

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