Species: Ajoitéi

Name - Ajoitéi [pronounced 'uh-ZSHOY-tee']

Size - 12-15 feet tall.

Physical Description - Bipeds, Ajoitéi are rather hideous. They have a thick torso and short and somewhat squat (but powerful) legs that end in heavy hooves. Their arms are long enough to reach the ground even when completely upright, though, like gorillas, they tend to lean forward while walking. Ajoitéi arms are freakish; the 'main arm' is jointed like a human's arm, but from the elbow sprouts a 'secondary arm'. The elbow of the main arm is like the secondary arm's shoulder, thus it has an elbow of its own. All four arms (two main and two secondary) end in sharp and strong pincers. Ajoitéi have short necks and very odd heads. Their bottom half of their heads doesn't seem to differ from their necks (barring the mouth filled with sharp teeth and slit-like nostrils), but it tapers to a point. And extending from this narrow 'bridge,' like an upside-down pyramid, is the top half of their heads. The 'base' of the pyramid (aka the top of their heads) is rounded and hairless, though Ajoitéi are actually covered in thin fur. Ajoitéi brains are encased in the lower half of their heads, though their eyes are set on the top half, so knocking an Ajoitéi's head off will only blind them, not kill them.

Coloration - Oranges, reds, and yellows, sometimes with tinges of green or white. Eyes, hooves, and claws/pincers vary.

Temperament - Highly intelligent and extremely malicious, Ajoitéi are both physically powerful and mentally keen. They cooperate with each other well and are capable of organizing and leading less intelligent creatures, such as Foruques.

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