Aionniyal, also known as "Ice Lions" (eye-ON-ee-ahl)

Invented By~ Kain

HM: Magaol

Height at Shoulder: 7 feet

Colors: They are mostly shades of gray and white and silver, but some are different blues, or black. Their eyes are gray or blue, sometimes brown or pale green and often orange. Their tail pikes are always some shade of silver. Their fur has four shades to it, and is highly valued. The fur closest to the skin is the darkest, the next is the second darkest, then the second lightest, then the lightest on the outside. Example. One's fur could be black/gray/silver/white.

Personailty: Hard, cold, unforgiving, much like their icy homes. They dislike others, and are collected, in complete control of their feelings and emotions. Aionniyal kill unwanted trespassers without care, and usually do so quite easily due to their huge claws and tail blade and crushing jaws.

Appearance: Well, they aren't known as Ice Lions for nothing. They resemble a large cat, with a very thick mane. Their faces are more elongated, though, like raptor's. They have stubby necks, but their mane-fur runs up it into a forelock on their forehead. Its other fur is about 3 inches long, the manefur is about a foot. Instead of a lion's tail, the Aionniyal has a very heavy raptor tail, tipped by a silver, anchor-shaped blade. It's body is basically lion, but with four stubby, webbed toes on each massive paw that work as snowshoes. It is the Lion Earth Base, and its element is Ice.

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