Afkiai (pronounced AFF-kee-yay)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-7 feet

Species' Colors~ Various colors, from violet to green to blue to grey. Rarely brown, but can be reddish or blonde. Very rarely white. Usually have shading or patterns on their hides.

Temperment~ Errah…. not sure. The only one I met was pretty calm, though a tad arrogant.

Species' Description~ They're quadrupeds, of course, and have a pebbly snake-like hide. Their heads are also snake-like, broad and diamond-shaped, with a cobra's hood and a long, arched neck. (Not hugely long, mind you, but long enough.) They have large, slitted eyes and long, sickle fangs, with the rest of their teeth being straight, sharp, and narrow, as though designed to mince food. They're purely carnivores, and cannot chew, they pretty much shred their food then swallow it. They're pretty impressive, actually, with four long, powerful limbs ending in clawed, four-toed talons. Their chest is deep and their back a little arched, fairly flexible, again like a snake's. Their tail is long and heavy, tapering to a thin point (snake-like) and males have a rattlesnake-ending.

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