Advaartr'iyuuqo {ADD-vahr-ter'ee-YOU-ukk-oh}
Advaartr'yarral {ADD-vahr-ter'yeh-RAL}
Advaartr'quxion {ADD-vahr-ter'kuh-ZEE-unn}

Homeworld- Magaol. Where else?

Height at Shoulder- The 'Iyuuqo breed are a short height of only five or so feet, the males about six. The 'Yarral are larger, at ten for males and 9 for femmes. The 'Quzion males are fifteen, and females the same.

Coloration- Advaar' in general come in the following colors; red, brown, white, green, blue, gray, yellow. They always have markings, and the color and shape of the marks determine the rank. 'Iyuuqo are the lightest in colors, leaning more towards yellows and whites, 'Yarral greens and blues, 'Quzion grays and reds. The markings-to-rankings are as follows…

Pinprick spots- Oamra (Lowest) ((Omega))
Larger spots- Kenta (Second-Lowest) ((Sub-Ordinate))
Blotches- Deltar (Third-Lowest) ((Sub-Ordinate))
Rosettes- Fuurki (Third-Highest) ((Gamma))
Stripes- Traane (Second-Highest) ((Beta))
Mottled- Alarq (Highest) ((Alpha))

The colors of the rankings are either gold, silver, or bronze. You hold more power if your markings are gold, then silver, and finally bronze. Bronze pinpricks are usually shunned from the packs of Advaar. One more thing! Only one subspecies of Advaar can be in a pack. Their eyes are always a shade of pure, milky white.

Temperment- These cretts have an incredible range of personalities, yet 'Iyuuqo tend to be more energetic and belligerent, the 'Yarral calm and mystical, and the 'Quxion down-right mean, and malicious.

Description- Funfunfun. Their basic form is biped, yet they have long enough arms to go quadruped, 'Iyuuqo the most of all. I'll describe their basic form, then go on to tell the differences in the sub-species. The main form of an Advaari head is lizard, yet with a rounded off muzzle, and a bit more blocky. Their eyes are shaped like a cat's; but the black pupils resemble a very thick, vertical bar, which narrows horizontally according to the light present. Their noses are also lizardic, small and almost obsolete, hence their not-so-fabulous sense of smell. The mouths of these cretts stretch to about the mid-way-point in the skull, a little more, actually, and are filled with two side-by-side rows of small, pointy teeth, perfect for sinking into fish. Although, the delicate array is thrown off by two massive saberfangs, jutting down from the upper jaw and reaching past the bottom. The purpose of these fangs is to ward away unwanted things larger than fish. Anywho. The necks are long and slender, like a dragon's, with the esophagus, jugulars, trachea, and the other main tendons and muscles in the middle of the neck itself. The neck widens at the base, into a moderately deep torso, built much like a human's, but thicker in all proportions. The front of Advaari chests are also subtly humanoid, muscled in vaguely the same way. These deep chests have a set of broad, flexible ribs, housing two lungs. The lung-skin-stuff is thick and tough, so don't even try to pierce it. The Advaar's two hearts are cushioned neatly between the ribs. Their waists are thinner than the chests, but by no means -thin,- and don't really resemble any Terran crett's. You cloud say the waist is just kinda there. Now, the legs are very draconian, and have the famous double-knee trait. If you can imagine a dragon's leg, but bent like a human's at mid-thigh and the original bend at mid-shin, that's the double-knee trait. Each of these legs is ended with kind of a cloven hoof, each side tipped with a blade that's part of the 'finger' itself. The back part of the hoof has a razor-sharp edge. Back up to the forelegs. The forelegs are quite humanoid, but longer and muscled. Kind of a cross between human and dragon. The hand is simply an avian talon. Their tails are lizardic; about as long as the body is tall and can be unnattached and grown back quickly. A row of bristle-like spines runs down the spine and tail, ending in a scythe at the tip. Another row goes up the back of each forearm, and bottom-shin. All Advaar are covered with massive, plated scales, growing smaller at the tips of the body; hands, feet, tailtip, muzzle. These scales are made of a rough, bone-like substance, as are the spines and scythe.

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