Welcome to the Bestiary

Welcome to the comprehensive compilation of the species discovered/designed by Ty Barbary, an amateur xenobiologist. Here I have compiled the results of years of labor - species of every shape and size, fantastic and technological worlds, and a smattering of the languages spoken by various creatures. The Bestiary is an archive for over seventy different planets and inhabited moons, over a dozen languages, and over three hundred species.

This is basically a reference site, a compendium of my world-building and creature-making obsession. Needless to say, do not use anything from here without my express permission, please - these are my babies, toothy though they may be, and comprise over a decade of creative work.

Now go browse. Have fun. Learn something.

Important Note!

This site is under construction indefinitely. I will be adding species and world writeups as I find the time to do so. Don't expect any one page to be a listing of every single species on that planet — it won't be. It'll be a listing of the species that I know live there and that I know well enough to describe. For now, use the information here with the knowledge that some may be outdated and some may be subject to change when I learn more in the future.

Also, right now, the wiki is in a state of piles-of-dirty-laundry. I threw all the versions of species and worlds write-ups that I had elsewhere here, so it's a total mess. However, Korats have a finished page, and Ykinde has all its world and race information complete. You can also terrify yourself by glimpsing the exhaustive species list.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License